This is parts 1 and 2 of The HAG Tale. 

The HAG Tale – Complete

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The final poem is now on youtube, its one of my older poems but still one of my favourites. Heres the link: This Great Nation

This Great Nation

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The sixth poem is now on YouTube, it is the second and final narrative of the week. Here’s the link: The HAG Tale

The HAG Tale

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The fifth poem is now online. There will be 2 more going up so keep listening, one will be another story. Here is the link to today’s poem: An Action

An Action

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Here is a link for the fourth poem: Pimples


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Hey all, the third poem is now online. Heres the link: Lost and Left

Lost and Left

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I have just uploaded the second poem on you tube. to see it just click this link: Zombie Boy

Zombie Boy

I will be uploading one poem to youutube every day this week, they are all very different so please check them all out. Here is a link to the first one: The Pickled Poem Tree

The Pickled Poem Tree

New tracks coming soon

Hey all, due to some issues with the guy who was recording and editing my poems I dont have any really good quality recordings to upload however I will be uploading some new poems within the next few days.

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My second youtube video

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